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Wetopia in Tunis

1-6 November 2021, we did a workshop in Tunis for L’Art Rue in the frame of the “All Around Culture” project. 

L’Art Rue is a non-profit Tunisian organisation that carries a number of citizens’, innovative and artistic projects in articulation with the public space, and aims at democratising contemporary art and promoting it to the general public, notably through the biennial Dream City, artistic residences, artistic workshops destined for the youth of the medina and more recently, cooperative projects such as All Around Culture.

Supported by the European Union, All Around Culture aims at reinforcing the cultural ecosystem and consolidate the social and economic inclusion of youth in seven countries in the MENA region : Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia and the Libyan and Syrian diasporas.

Within the framework of this project, L’Art Rue carries the program Youth-Led Initiatives that aims at encouraging community and contextual projetcs that adopt collaborative approaches, by supporting 32 young project holders based in the region. The 32 beneficiaries are first supported during a research phase, running from April to December 2021, followed by a production phase in which 24 projects will be selected in order to implement the reflections resulting from the research phase.

So in this research phase, Wetopia will do a plenary and some ateliers in the Medina. 

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