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About Wetopia

In Wetopia we take action to build our community together with civilians, activists, designers, artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, civil servants and policy makers. In Wetopia we co-create more resilient cities from the bottom-up. 

An aspirational concept first conceived and used by Joke Quintens , a field expert in “making cities together”, Wetopia underlines the importance  of co-creating cities inclusive of everyone. Quintens interprets Wetopia as a need for local politicians to share their power at grassroots level (bottom-up) to empower their own people with vital 21st century skills so that they can confidently contribute and add value to the economy, environments and society at large in a positive and constructive way. 

As a designer and facilitator, Joke is skilled in participatory design. As the former deputy  mayor of the city of Genk (Belgium), she proved herself to be an innovative policy maker to activate change and transitions at city level with a specific focus in areas such as participation, neighborhood development, sustainable development, environment and equality. She also has a broad global network of experts in fields like policy-making, social design, participatory methodologies and approaches as well as urban sustainable transitions.  

 For over 20 years, creativity and “working together to move forward” have been a focus in her career, both in the social sector, in policy and in the activities she initiates or gets involved in as a social entrepreneur. Since 2017, Joke Quintens has lived and worked in Marseille (France), a city shaped by 2600 years of experience in migration, diversity and resilience. Marseille is also the most African city of Europe. In Living Lab Moving Marseille she uses the city as a lab to learn, but also to connect people and projects  in and with Marseille. It is in this context she organizes urban field trips, introducing visitors to this fascinating city with inspiring city-makers building the city from diverse bottom-up projects.  Joke Quintens is an experienced  and driven “transitioneur”,  matchmaker” and “facilitator”, who likes to share her experiences with the rest of the world.… 


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